Microsoft is patching a dangerous Windows DNS Server exploit

Security researchers have discovered a serious flaw in Windows’ Domain Name System software that users must patch immediately. Sagi Tzaik from Check Point found a way to run malicious code which can be used to hijack websites, intercept emails, steal private information and take sites offline. Microsoft has already acknowledged the issue and has issued a fix in today’s Patch … Read More >


Advancements in technology and cloud applications have significantly improved the success and profitability of businesses worldwide. However, the increased adoption and demand for continuous and unrestricted connectivity has also generated new and more complex cyber risks and security challenges, impacting companies of all sizes and industries. These cyberthreats are rapidly growing and evolving with seemingly no end in sight. To … Read More >

Is this your password?

Bad passwords are bad for business – Over 80% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by bad passwords. Don’t make these common password mistakes but do take our advice for easy password safety wins.

See the 3 Common Password FAILS & 3 Quick Password WINS

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Video Meeting Etiquette: 7 Tips to Ensure a Great Attendee Experience

There’s just no substitute for good manners in all of our daily interactions, and they’re certainly appreciated more than ever in workplace meetings. There are some age-old guidelines that comprise good meeting etiquette — being on time, maintaining eye contact, paying attention — and applying those same principles to our video meetings can go a long way toward a productive … Read More >

Microsoft 365 License Cost Reduction

In March of 2020, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) active business users passed 258 million. Microsoft 365 solutions offer valuable functionality that is critical to business collaboration, communication, and productivity. Businesses receive great benefits from Microsoft 365. However, many companies that use Microsoft 365 do not understand how Microsoft licensing works. As a result, a significant number of companies are … Read More >

Prepare your Business and Employees for the Effects of COVID-19

As businesses start to open, owners must prepare to protect their employees’ health and safety in the workplace.

Tips for Cleaning Electronics


  • Always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for proper cleaning instructions prior to using products on electronics
  • Never spray water or cleaner directly onto electronics
  • Remove any batteries or disconnect from power prior to cleaning electronics

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