Microsoft Re-branding: Office 365 is becoming Microsoft 365

Don’t worry—you don’t need to do a thing. Your product services, apps, and features will stay the same, along with the price. Your subscription name will update automatically in the admin center and your monthly billing statements on or after April 21, 2020.

New product names

The new product names go into effect on April 21, 2020. This is a … Read More >

Information about Microsoft Teams

Regarding remote employees, we have been receiving questions on the best way to communicate and work with remote teams. The product ECS uses and recommends is Microsoft Teams. Below is a link to an overview of Microsoft Teams, instructions on how to train your employees, how much it costs, and show how easy it is to implement into your business … Read More >

working from home

What to expect when working from home

Over the last week, many companies are asking their employees to work from home. As employees start to set up for home-based operations, here are some items to consider.

Quality of home internet connection – consumer internet connection varies. With a significant number of users asked to work from home, there will be delays. ECS recommendation every employee test their … Read More >

Coronavirus Potential Impact on Your Business

There has been a lot of news recently related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). There are a lot of resources available about the virus and preventive measures. The purpose of this post is to review how this virus will impact your business if preventive measures fail. I will also review a few recommendations that can help companies continue operations.

If … Read More >

Remote Access and VPN Policy Recommendation

Update: ECS Team has put together a guide to help companies with the remote employees. Here is a link to download the guide.

Remote access and VPN provides convenience but can also be used to compromise company network when not implemented correctly. We have put together a recommended usage document, implemented in our own establishment, to better help you … Read More >

Hackers use corona virus scam

Hackers use Coronavirus scare to spread malware and phishing attempts

While the world attempts to take control over the spread of the Coronavirus and tries to contain, eliminate and prevent it from spreading further, hackers around the globe have found the Coronavirus scare serving them well as an enabler for their activities.

Security companies like CheckPoint are tracking fake emails selling “vaccines” and “coronavirus tests”. The emails may point the … Read More >