Black Friday Computer Deals

Are you looking for a great deal on  a computer for your home or business. Here are some Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we found that you can order online without waiting in line.

Dell – Dell Black Friday Deals!pgTab0

Buy all computer for free shipping, buy accessories on $49 for free shipping. $25 off Computers on $449+

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Expert Computer Solutions A Key Resource for Any Business

Expert Computer Solutions best Resource for Any Business

Expert Computer Solutions allows their clients to stop focusing so much attention on their IT problems. Expert Computer Solutions takes the initiative to address every issue with their clients IT problems proposing better solutions. All of your managed service needs is provided has one flat rate fee. Expert Computer Solutions provides a … Read More >

IT Security – Infographic

Is your business secure? Security in the business place has taken on a new shape over the past several years.  Your business should get the highest form of security when it comes to IT.  This infographic shows the typical business setup of IT security.  We can help create a secure environment at your business.  Call us today for a … Read More >

System Restore on Windows 7

Most serious issues in Windows 7 are caused by problems with the Windows Registry, device drivers, or DLL files. When a restore point is created, a current copy of these and other important files in Windows 7 are saved and can be restored using System Restore.

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Houston IT and Computer Support for Businesses

Small Business IT Experts

We specialize in companies that have 20+ computers, and have the expertise to tackle any situation.  When you need us, we will be there. ECS can handle everything for you in a professional and friendly manor.  Call today to get a free consultation and to talk about your business needs.

If you do not have IT

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Importance of IT Support for Small Business in Houston, TX

The most critical thing about a small business is that they run on a slim budget and it is very difficult to think about outsourcing a particular service as it is costly. Due to this reason most businesses opt for in-house IT support and it does not really turn out well. Some businesses have clever managers who find an expert … Read More >