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September 30, 2020

How to Boost Your Home Internet

#1 Turn off idle devices

Mobile devices and gaming consoles can consume a lot of bandwidth by downloading software updates without your knowledge. Make sure to turn off these devices before you start working to ensure your internet’s speed is not disrupted.

#2 Scan your personal computer for malware

Malware is another cause of poor internet performance. For instance, spyware can consume your internet’s bandwidth and interfere with your browser. The problem can quickly get out of control if your computer is infected with multiple types of spyware at once. Not only will you experience sluggish internet connections, but there’s also a possibility that you can lose your connection altogether.

Computer viruses are another type of malware responsible for disrupting your internet’s speed. When a virus infects your computer, it will attempt to infect other computers by sending copies of itself using your email. Some viruses can multiply so quickly that they consume your computer’s hardware resources as well as your internet’s bandwidth. To prevent this, it’s best to scan your computer for any malware at least once a week using trusted antivirus software.

#3 Use a wired connection

While wireless internet is the most convenient option, it can also suffer from latency issues. If you want to prevent lagging and latency problems, connect your computer directly to your router via an Ethernet cable. The ability of a wired connection to deliver data faster than Wi-Fi makes it an ideal option, especially for real-time activities such as video conferencing or co-authoring a cloud document with someone across town.

#4 Buy a new router

If you’re using an old router, chances are it’s not performing as well as it used to. Just like computers and other devices, router performance will degrade over time. And it’s not just about degrading hardware. With new Wi-Fi technology released almost every year, a well-maintained router from three years ago may not be able to keep up with an overused router purchased within the last year. Your internet speed may significantly improve if you buy a new router. If you’re renting equipment from your internet service provider (ISP), you can ask them to replace your current router with a newer model.

#5 Upgrade your internet service

If you’ve tried all the suggestions mentioned above and still experience sluggish, low performing internet connections, it’s probably time to upgrade your service. Contact your current provider to upgrade your subscription, or you might want to consider switching to a new one. Please be sure to do some research before signing to a new ISP.

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