Microsoft Office 365 MFA Setup

To increase the security of your Microsoft cloud and email system, your company is implementing multi-factor authentication. Please review the steps on this page to get started and know what to expect.

Step 1. - Watch the short video to learn about Microsoft MFA and what to expect

Step 2. - Configure Microsoft MFA

Option A - Authenticator App - Video

Click on the link to start MFA Setup.

Watch this video to guide you on how to configure MFA.

Link to video:

Option B - Authenticator App - Article

The following article will guide you step by step to configure MFA for your office 365.

Link to article:

Option C - SMS / Text Authentication - Article

Follow instruction in this article to have Microsoft send SMS messages to your phone for authentication.

Link to Article:

Important: SMS authentication is not supported for VPN MFA. If your company will use Meraki VPN, you will need to use Microsoft Authenticator.

Step 3 - Sign out and sign back in to verify MFA is working.

Click on link to sign in using your web browser and test MFA.

Important: There is a limited enrolment period to get everyone to use MFA. After the enrollment period ends, you will not be able to access Office 365 until the MFA setup is completed.


How often will I be prompted for my MFA?

Microsoft Outlook application on your computer / phone, the authentication occurs once every 90 days on a rolling schedule. This means you will only be asked for MFA if you have not used Outlook in 90 days.

If you use a web browser, you will be prompted for the authentication code when you log in unless you specify stay signed in. Then you are re-authenticated after 90 days if you do not use the browser.

Every time you connect from a new device, you will be prompted for the MFA.

What if I do not have access to my phone or MFA device?

Your IT administrator can reset the MFA for you to regain access.

Do I have to do this?

Yes, Hackers are actively trying to get into your email to steal data and compromise your system. MFA increases security and helps prevent a compromise.

I need help to get this setup?

If you need help, please email [email protected]. Include company name, your direct phone number, and we will work with you to setup MFA.

What authentication and verification methods are available?

Authentication Methods will vary based on your current Microsoft Office 365 license. here is a link to all of the methods available. Click on the link to review the method.