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Bringing nonprofits into the 21st century

Bringing nonprofits into the 21st century

Are you on a board or do you manage a nonprofit? Did you know there are many discounted, and free resources available specifically for nonprofits. Google, Sales Force, Microsoft and many more companies offer help to nonprofit organizations. ECS Team would like to help.

Please fill out the contact form to receive a list of free / discounted services, products, and resources to help your organization. We also offer a free one hour of CTO consultation in which our highly trained staff can take a look at your requirements and recommend technology solutions that can propel your organization forward.


For more information on the complimentary CTO consultation please contact our office at 713-782-4357.


Peter and his team at Expert Computer Solutions have been invaluable as consultants during this time of rapid growth and expansion at Demers. We have been taking on so many new ventures, we would be completely overwhelmed without Peter’s level-headed guidance and expert advice! ECS has helped us envision, prioritize and carry out our IT projects in a way that optimizes our investment. They are also working with us to synthesize our patchwork of online networks into a cohesive whole.
Alissa Ouspenskaia

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