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March 5, 2020

Remote Access and VPN Policy Recommendation

Update: ECS Team has put together a guide to help companies with the remote employees. Here is a link to download the guide.

Remote access and VPN provides convenience but can also be used to compromise company network when not implemented correctly. We have put together a recommended usage document, implemented in our own establishment, to better help you secure your employee data, network and company information.

Remote Access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Defined:

Remote access is connecting to another computer system from outside the office.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection through an otherwise insecure network, typically the “Internet”.

Security Connection Scenarios and Recommendations:

VPN Connection to Company Network

Any computer connecting to a company network with a VPN access is equivalent to opening a security hole in the network.

We recommend any computer with VPN access installed, is a company device fully up-to-date with current anti-virus and is managed by the company.

VPN Connection by 3rd-Party Vendor

When providing VPN access to a 3rd-party vendor, the company entrusts the 3rd party vendor to make sure their system is fully up-to-date and secure.

We recommend the 3rd-party company provide a copy of insurance and sign an agreement stating they are responsible for keeping the information secure and confidential.

Remote Access from Public Computers

In some cases, remote access is required from a public or home computer that is not protected by monitored antivirus software.

For individual computer access, we recommend the employee is set up with LogMeIn to connect to a dedicated computer located in the office securely. For a remote connection for multiple users, we recommend a remote desktop server with a remote gateway installed to provide a secure connection to the office resources.

For additional information or recommendations on how to secure your company from a data breach, please contact ECS Sales representative.

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