September 13, 2021


Severe Weather Protection Tips for Your Electronic Devices

Nothing is more unsettling then the thought of your professional information being erased from time. Protect your virtual belongings by ensuring all electronics are safely secure with these few tips:

1) Back Up Important Files. Backing up your latest version of documents, photos and other important items on a cloud based system or secure, waterproof drive will guarantee your belongings are safe and easily obtainable after the storm.
ECS Backup standard: For companies with an on-site server is to install a backup and disaster recovery appliance. The appliance backs up the server hourly on-site and daily off site. If a disaster occurs business continuity solution can be implemented that will restore business operations.

2) Power Surge Protection. Surge protectors and power strips are used daily to safeguard your electronics and conserve energy. During a storm, the best way to protect your electronics is by unplugging them completely from the wall.

3) Inventory Your Belongings. During severe weather, chaos can occur. By creating an inventory list of your belongings before a storm will assist when collecting the devices after the storm. Writing down the device name, quantity, serial number and taking a photo of each inventoried item can assist in any insurance claim you may file and be sure the documented inventory list is stored in a safe, dry place.

4) Update your disaster Recovery Plan and distribute the plan to all your employees.

Prior proper planning is key for an easy recovery when disaster strikes.
Please contact your ECS Support Team for further tips to assist during a severe weather encounter.
As always, stay safe!


About the author 

Peter Robert

CEO of Expert Computer Solutions

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