ECS Lead Referral Program

Expert Computer Solutions (ECS) is running a lead referral program. If you know of a company that is not happy with their IT support, share with us your experience and make an introduction. If our sales team has a meeting with a decision-maker within 90 days,  ECS will send you $50 gift card regardless of the meeting's outcome. Yes, this means that you can get $50 gift card even if we do not engage in any business with your referral. Read the rules and instructions for details on the program.

Rules and Instructions

The following conditions need to be met to qualify for the program.

New Lead Only – The lead must be for a company that is not currently receiving ECS's IT services and has not received ECS's IT services within the last 12 months.

Company Qualifications –We are only accepting leads for companies in business for a minimum of one year and have between 10 and 100 employees who use computers in the Houston metro area.

Lead Priority – Only one lead per company is accepted. If two people submit a lead for the same company, we will award the lead to the first person who filled out the lead form.

Lead Registration – After a lead is submitted, it becomes a registered lead. From this date we will have 90 days to schedule a meeting with the business. If a meeting between ECS and decision-maker occurs within 90 days, you get paid.

Lead Expiration – After a lead is registered, we will try to schedule a meeting with a decision-maker for 90 days. If a meeting does not occur within 90 days, the lead will expire. Expired leads do not qualify for a referral program. Any lead that expired can be re-submitted again to be eligible as a registered lead.

Lead submission – We will only accept leads submitted from our website using the lead referral submission form. Verbal, phone, or email leads will not be accepted.

Lead Payment - If a meeting occurs between ECS and decision maker within 90 days, ECS sales team will contact you arrange delivery of gift card. You can choose between gift card from Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and other major retailers.

Lead Process

Step 1 – Fill out the lead Referral submission form. Your input will be checked against our clients, and you will receive a reply within two business days, letting you know if the lead qualifies and a lead is registered.

Step 2 – ECS Sales Team will reach out to you and the lead you submitted. We will attempt to schedule a meeting within 90 days. If a meeting takes place, the ECS Team will contact you and send you the current lead incentive.

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Lead Referral Submission Form
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