On Demand IT Support

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On Demand IT Support

On Demand Support is a service designed for clients that find traditional support (call when needed) is the best support option for their business. There is no limit, no contract and no commitment. You pay per hour (or per project) for the services you receive after work has been completed.

To streamline on demand support requests, we follow these simple steps:

Assessment: When you contact ECS for support a knowledgeable representative will carefully listen to your issue, log the issue in our system and will assign a dedicated technician to get your problem resolved.

Troubleshooting: A dedicated ECS technician will contact you and start working to get your issue resolved. The technician will work on the issue until everything is working correctly to your satisfaction. During the troubleshooting process every step that is taken is logged.

Resolution: After the issue has been resolved to clients full satisfaction, an invoice will be sent out for the work done or the agreed upon project amount. The invoice will contain the full statement of all the work that was completed and every step taken.

ECS can help you resolve variety of technology related issues starting from fixing a computer issue to full infrastructure migration. Contact us to find out how we can help your business.


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When I was a Portfolio Manager at Fayez Sarofim & Co. I had the extreme pleasure of working with Peter for a number of years. His ability to consistently resolve complex technology issues (often under a time crunch) without losing his cool or his sense of humor made him an absolute gem of a colleague. Not only is Peter exceptionally talented, but he’s honest, trustworthy, and a person of great integrity. If you’ve got technology needs, Peter is absolutely your go-to guy!
Manisha TFayez Sarofim & Co

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