Advancements in technology and cloud applications have significantly improved the success and profitability of businesses worldwide. However, the increased adoption and demand for continuous and unrestricted connectivity has also generated new and more complex cyber risks and security challenges, impacting companies of all sizes and industries. These cyberthreats are rapidly growing and evolving with seemingly no end in sight. To … Read More >

Is this your password?

Bad passwords are bad for business – Over 80% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by bad passwords. Don’t make these common password mistakes but do take our advice for easy password safety wins.

See the 3 Common Password FAILS & 3 Quick Password WINS

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Remote Access and VPN Policy Recommendation

Update: ECS Team has put together a guide to help companies with the remote employees. Here is a link to download the guide.

Remote access and VPN provides convenience but can also be used to compromise company network when not implemented correctly. We have put together a recommended usage document, implemented in our own establishment, to better help you … Read More >

Online Shopping Security Tips

With the Holidays upon us, it is no secret that many of us prefer to get online, rather than to stand in line to make some of our Christmas shopping. It is far more popular nowadays, and as such, it can also become a target for online thieves. To protect yourself from any type of scam while purchasing online, use … Read More >