How to turn off FaceTime

Earlier today, a FaceTime bug was uncovered that affects users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The bug allows someone to hear your audio on FaceTime, even if you don’t answer. If you want to protect yourself as best you can, here’s how to turn off FaceTime entirely.

Note: disabling FaceTime on one device does not seem to disable it on … Read More >

Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

Your business data is the heart of your organization. It is crucial to protect it. Important information gets deleted or damaged by accident or malfunction. Any intentional or unintentional cause can leave your business in ruins. While hardware can be replaced, your critical business data may not be easily replaceable. Your business must have a reliable, cost-effective backup plan to … Read More >

IT Security – Infographic

Is your business secure? Security in the business place has taken on a new shape over the past several years.  Your business should get the highest form of security when it comes to IT.  This infographic shows the typical business setup of IT security.  We can help create a secure environment at your business.  Call us today for a … Read More >

System Restore on Windows 7

Most serious issues in Windows 7 are caused by problems with the Windows Registry, device drivers, or DLL files. When a restore point is created, a current copy of these and other important files in Windows 7 are saved and can be restored using System Restore.

Considering the scope of protection that System Restore provides, using the tool early in … Read More >

Houston IT and Computer Support for Businesses

Small Business IT Experts

We specialize in companies that have 20+ computers, and have the expertise to tackle any situation.  When you need us, we will be there. ECS can handle everything for you in a professional and friendly manor.  Call today to get a free consultation and to talk about your business needs.

If you do not have IT

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Business Backup Guide

Business Backup GuideCompanies use computers to store client information, financial data, and many other forms of data critical for day to day operations. This makes company data one of the most valuable assets for any business. Hard drives fail, servers crash, and even the most secure computer can be compromised by a virus or a malicious attack.

A working business backup can … Read More >

Importance of IT Support for Small Business in Houston, TX

The most critical thing about a small business is that they run on a slim budget and it is very difficult to think about outsourcing a particular service as it is costly. Due to this reason most businesses opt for in-house IT support and it does not really turn out well. Some businesses have clever managers who find an expert … Read More >

Benefits Of Using Cloud Based Solutions

The Benefits Of Using Cloud Based Solutions From Houston Expert Computer Solutions

If you own a company you should understand the benefits of cloud based solutions. These are ways in which you can better manage your company and give everyone access to the information they need regardless of where they are when they need it.

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IT Support for SMB

Computer support for small businesses

Successful business owners succeed by consistently seeking ways to gain an advantage over their competitors – a combination of products, services, pricing, and customer service that makes their company stand out above other companies in their industry.

What is it that gives one merchant or provider the “edge” over another?

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Information about CryptoLocker


CryptoLocker is a Ransomware virus. The virus encrypts all data on your computer and then demands payment to release it. This type of a virus is one of the most dangerous viruses on the internet today. This virus is dangerous because 1) so far it has been bypassing antivirus programs, 2) there is no decryption without sending $$ to hackers … Read More >